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Faros Luxury Suites & Restaurant Marathopolis
We are located in Marathópolis in Messinia, on the coast of the Ionian Sea. The village is refrain 30km from Kyparissia located on the provincial road Kyparissias - Pylos. Opposite there is island, Proti which is known for its monastery, but also for its ancient ruins that you can visit at any time of year with rental boats (flanges). Our …is located in the harbor of the village took its name from the lighthouse that was at the harbor entrance. Our restaurant hosts frequently gatherings and clubs while the various actors are frequent weddings and christenings. The Faros is a place staffed appropriately to cover the most demanding customer's desires. The tasteful decoration and construction, the technical equipment, the air-conditioned hall, the experienced staff and the music make it an ideal space for a comprehensive and impressive reception. The attention to detail, our experience since 1978, the elegant atmosphere, excellent and rapid service, and above all good food is our guarantee for the success of all your gatherings.

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